Questions To Ask When Buying A Home





Q. If I am Pre-qualified can I buy a home?

A. Pre-qualified does not guarantee you can buy a home, your next step is getting Pre-approved


Q.I have bad credit and little money to put down, can I still buy a home?

A. Having bad credit is not an automatic denial. There are many federal programs that will assist you when you are ready to buy your home.


Q. I am a single mother, am I a good candidate for buying a home.

A. There are many programs that will find assistance since your household is generating one income. Try locating a HUD-funded housing counseling agency in your area.


Q. Why should I use a Real Estate Agent in finding me a home?

A. Finding a home can be emotional, time consuming, and . Contacting one of our professional agents will steer you into the right direction whether you are considering renting, home buying or selling. An Real Estate Agent is qualified to assist an individual in affordability in price, neighboring schools, location, transportation, and more.


Q. How do I shop for a home?

A. Before meeting with one of our Real Estate Agents at Sunshine Realty� have a wish list of your must have in a home.

  • What part of town do you want to live in?

  • What is your minimum and maximum price?

  • What kind of homes are you considering? 1 story, 2 story, condo

  • How many bedrooms and bathroom must you have?

Q. How do I know I can get a loan?

Please visit our Mortgage Information page where you will find useful tools in finding your affordability, income ratio, any many more useful tools


Q. What are my rights?

A. Below are a few helpful rights to know

Q. What kind of offer should I make?

A. First, ask yourself these questions

  • How much is the house listed for?

  • What amount can I feasibly afford?

  • Is this houses uniqueness valuable to me?

  • What amount do I feel comfortable paying for a house?

Q.What kind of loan can I get?

A. Here at Sunshine Realty�, we will direct you to the source of finding the loan that best suit your needs. Loans that are backed by the government are FHA, VA, Soft Second, Conventional, Mass Housing, and USDA.


Q. How does the Real Estate Agent gets paid?

A. The seller and the agent agree to a commission percentage. During the closing the seller's agent splits the commission with the buyer's agent